v18 MTA/SMTP general questions

Hi everyone,

I'm a home user running v18.04 MR-4.  I have a few internal servers and services that use XG as a relay MTA outbound to AWS SES and this has been working fine for a while. Unfortunately, a battery on the RAID card in an old Dell server started going bad causing iDRAC to spit out alerts every minute. And, apparently, for some reason I haven't figured out yet, these e-mails all failed with a Bounce error. And... I didn't notice this for a couple of days.

So, first question... is there any way to bulk delete the few thousand failed messages in the mail spool?  A search of the forum indicates that was not easy to do in v17, but I've not seen anything about v18.

Second question... I've got two messages stuck in the spool... one in a failed state, one in a queued state. Deleting from the GUI doesn't do anything. I was hoping restarting the MTA service would un-stick them. But how the blasted blazes do you restart the SMTP and MTA services in v18?  I think the v17 release was something to do with an awarren mta service... but I do not believe that is used in v18. I was hoping to do this without rebooting the device.

Third question, if I tail the smtpd_main.log it is adding about a thousand lines a minutes. Is this normal or related to the massive amount of failed items in the spool? Are there any other good logs to identify why all those messages ended up with a Bounce error?



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