adding DNAT rules through sophos central dynamic rules

Hey, is there a proper way to use the new dynamic firewall rules to create a dnat. to allow port forwarding and a particular port to an internal address?

for the rules i get id kind of have to add every device at different locations to the rules which im fine with.

but it doesnt look like i can do the dnatting because it only allows me to select 1 internal address. which makes sense. but then what use are these dynamic rules?

here is my rule.

  • You mean a Rule pushed by Central Management? 
    The Dynamic part simply replace a element in Central while pushing the rule. So you can configure a element like a dummy in Central, reuse this dummy and select this dynamic use per Appliance. 


  • sorry im not sure what you mean? reuse the dummy and select this dynamic use per appliance?

    yea i want to push rules by central management that will work on multiple firewalls and networks

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