WiFi Hotspot on RED VLAN not supported


we discovered today that it's not possible to create a Hotspot (for a Wifi) if the VLAN interface is behind a RED device. In our case RED60 but this should apply to all RED types.

The interface "hardware" is not shown on XG Hotspot creation page. There are only default VLAN interfaces directly configured at XG - without RED.

We tried to use hotspot on XG as Hotspot in Central for APX320 but when there is a bridged VLAN on the RED60 it's also not working. The Hotspot Portal page will just not show up and the client cannot communicate. Have an old support case open here with not much progress.

So currently it's impossible to use the wireless hotspot feature with pure up2date Sophos hardware with XG430 18 MR4 and APX320 on a remote location.

That is really bad.

Of course there is an old FR but not highly voted: ideas.sophos.com/.../37610020-hotspot-portal-listen-on-red-interface

central hotspot reviewed
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