Tor Browser how to block

If I have already installed  Tor browser y my PC with all administative permissions  (or any one else in the company LAN) how can i block  in the XG Firewall  in order to no one use it??

I already try using block proxy in App Control (deny all)  .. but may be  i miss something (The basic App gropup include all the proxys sites including Tor Proxy and  Tor2  web proxy)

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  • Hi,

    from experience you will need full decrypt and scan along CA installation and use the web proxy because SSL/TLS in this version does not scan UDP traffic which TOR will use if it finds TCP blocked.

    You will also need to change from any service to http/s otherwise checking will fail.

    I have inspect all content enabled rather than just untrusted content.


    Also what are your DOS settings/parameters as shown in the IPS tab?

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