Walled garden not working as expected

Hi folks,

I want to use my Hotspot based on vouchers where I can force a number of clients to automatically skip entering a voucher key.

Running v18.0.4 I see an option in 'Hotspot settins' named 'Walled Garden' where help section tells me:

To specify networks that can be accessed by users who do not pass authentication, click Add new item, select networks or hosts, and click Apply.

I tried with fixed MAC-Adress and fixed IP-Adress (while reserved this on the DHCP for a specific client), but after connecting to the hotspot the voucher still needs to be entered before accessing desired network ressources.

Any suggestions?

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  • Hello Njabi,

    Thank you for the follow-up.

    If you confirmed you also have the NAT rule for this traffic, and is still nor working please open a case with support and send me the Case ID, so I can follow-up.

    When opening the case, please provide a screenshot of 

    1. Default Firewall Rule created by the hotspot

    2. Additional Firewall rule created for the Wifi to WAN or LAN zone

    3. NAT rule for the Additional Firewall rule

    4. Hotspot configuration

    5. Walled Garden Allowed hosts/networks 


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