Cant get loopback rules working as expected in Sophos XG 18.0.4

I am having issues in Sophos 18.0.4 when using the DNAT server access assistant.

I have one external DNS name with multiple ports going to different internal devices.

In Sophos UTM I would just create a Full NAT but everything I'm reading says that the access assistant does this in XG 18.

From outside everything works but if I try to access the external address and port from inside this doesnt work.

As there are different internal IP addresses just creating a DNS name doesnt work.

Side note that using the external DNS name with 4444 works fine when accessing the XG.

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    Could you please share the screenshot of the matching firewall rule for the DNAT rule? If WAN is the only source zone, please add LAN…

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