SD-WAN / VLAN Routing issue

I've been having an issue with V18 MR-4 for some time now and really can't seem to figure it out.  I have a workstation attempting to ping a printer  As you can see in the capture below, the ping reaches the printer and it attempts to respond.  It should be sending the response packet to Port1.30 however it is trying to send it to my WAN port (Port2).  There is a simple firewall rule in place that allows any port from to  This seems to be an issue with SD-WAN because if I change the precedence from sdwan_policyroute, vpn, static to vpn, static, sdwan_policyroute I am able to ping and get the response from the printer just fine.  I want to keep sdwan_policyroute as the first priority because I use it for VPN/MPLS.  I also want to say during this point of testing, I have NO sdwan rules configured yet the return traffic still wants to go to Port2 when sdwan_policyroute is the highest precedence.  Whether sdwan is the highest precedence or not, the traffic continues to use firewall rule 33 which is the correct rule.  What could I possibly be missing here? I don't see how I can configure a policy/rule anywhere to get this traffic just to route between the VLANs and ignore the SDWAN configuration.

*RIP routing is enabled with listed but not
*Both and are VLANs both behind Port1 routed by this XG only.
*No static routes are configured and there is only one IPsec tunnel that uses as a Local Network for the tunnels.

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  • Hello H_Patel,

    I appreciate the response - unfortunately I actually did try this as well.  I added both subnets (VLANs) as interface routes using the port like you described but the XG still would not recognize it needed to send traffic back through Port1.30 instead of Port2 during testing.  This is of course with sdwan_policyroute set to 1st precedence.  

    Thank you,