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XG 115 and Static IP address from ISP

I have DSL modem from Centurylink that has one port using a static IP address that is connected to a Linksys Smart Router that has the Static IP address currently setup, i have tried to install the XG 115 using port 2 with the cable coming from the Centurylink port that has the static ip configuration already setup on modem, i have tried to configure port 2 in the XG 115 with the static info but it will not connect to the internet.  What am i doing wrong, i a new to Sophos firewall XG115 and would like to protect my home network. 

Thank You

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  • I think your issue will be your smart router which should not be between your modem and the XG. You setup the modem in bridge mode and configure the XG interface with the fixed IP address.


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  • is there a way to find out what ip address is being used by the XG firewall, i am not able to log back on using via web browser?

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  • Hello Noel,

    Please take a look at this KB on the Step 5 of Connect to the XG from the CLI you will find the command to know the Port used to access the Web Admin, once you have it, you can run this command:


    Which will list you Interfaces and their IP, usually Port1 is the one used to access the XG via the LAN



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  • Thank you i was able to use CLI to connect directly using the HDMI to a monitor and a usb keyboard to reset it to factory settings, i am now able to connect to the XG firewall.  I ended up just connecting the XG to one of the ports on the Linksys smart router, which then changed the Port2 Wan settings to a static IP address for the Router gateway, now i have a connection green status light on the xg webadmin home page.  I think i am good now... thanks for all your help