XG 125 - 18.0.2 MR-2 PPoE Setup Help


I am setting up this for first time and first thing I need to sort out is how to make XG125 dial up by itself. 

TP link router does the PPOE where BTU is Huawei device directly connects to the fiber network.


Now when I am connecting XG125, I want the PPoE to be taken up by the firewall  itself. I tried to setup the PPoE settings within XG125 , didnt work. I couldn't find where to start tracing it.

Meanwhile I got the PPoE log from TP-Link router. Anyone can suggest what is the correct setup so that XG125 will be able to establish dial up. 

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  • Hello

    Sounds like an ARP cache issue in the Fibre NTD., or MAC registration of the PPPOE Connection

    Don't suppose that the Fibre unit was powered off for 15 minutes or so between removing the TP-Link and putting in the Sophos?

    Now that it's working , wait a day, then try a reboot of the Sophos and it should connect quicker.


    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)


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