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Application Control and Port dependencies


I do not understand how XG's Application Control work in detail (under the hood). Are any documentation somewhere?

I have to control and restrict some Traffic between LAN and Production due to written regulation of security.

e.g. for understanding

  • LAN->Production:
    • Allow Port 80 if it is HTTP 
    • Allow Port 25 if it is STMP
    • Block all Traffic in all other cases

In this example we have to Block HTTP on Port 25.

How can I solve this with Sophos XG?



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  • 7 months ago in reply to Guenter +3 suggested

    Hi ,

    So what you want to do is L7 aware Policy, with protocol enforcement.

    You want to open port 80, but only if It's HTTP traffic, or port 25 if It's only SMTP? Or port 53 if It's only DNS?…