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Firewall dropping packets for standard applications

Hi Community,

I am seeking your advice... I recently upgraded my hardware from an XG105 to and XG115 to address performance issues we were experiencing with MSFT Teams, WebEx, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Given both my wife and I are WFH now due to Covid, our issues have become more apparent.

I am not a network or security engineer, but know enough to navigate my way around the FW. 

If I set up a persistent ping to and external address, say Google's DNS, and run a Team calls concurrently, I will notice the video and audio performance degrades and I see packet loss on the ping.  I also filter the logs by my laptop IP, where I am running Teams from, and can see denied traffic.  When I look at the addresses via a domain lookup (Centralops), most of the addresses are AWS, MSFT (direct) & Azure (Hosting), etc.

I have added exceptions into my rules but this doesnt seem to make a difference.

The last thing I want to do is create a whole bunch of bypass rules and compromise the effectiveness of the FW - whats the point of having it.

So, what is the best way to get support on this?  I need some help in diagnosing the root cause (poor configuration, missing rules or policies, etc).

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  • Hi,

    with just two of you,  bridge is hard to configure with all your extra equipment in my opinion. But having said that I don’t think Telstra hfc gateways allow bridge mode.

    also depends on what you are trying to achieve.


    XG115W - v19.5.2 mr-2 - Home

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  • we also have two internet leeches (teenagers) Ian.

    The reason for using this firewall is:

    a) external protection at the firewall rather than Mac / PC

    b) We dont run internal AV

    c) I wanted to use the APs to extend the wifi coverage


    So our needs are pretty simple

    1) strong wifi coverage

    2) protection from young people' stupidity of what they are downloading and browsing (Gateway AV, Web Filtering, IPS)

    3) priority of traffic for WFH (Teams, WebEx, Zoom)

    4) solid streaming services (Netflix, TelstraTV, AppleTV, etc)


    I am sure these problems are configuration related.  I have rebuilt the previous XG105 and this XG115 to try and simplify the config, but each time I try to troubleshoot complains of video drops or high ping rates for gaming, I find post on additional configurations (exceptions, FW rules, etc) which doesnt fully address the performance issues.