Sharing a Sophos CS110-24FP with two (2) Sophos XG 210's

We want to use one Sophos switch (CS110-24FP) between two Sophos XG 210's for economic reasons.

1. Each XG has its own ISP

2. Each XG does the DHCP, DNS, and Wireless

3. There will be several VLANs configured on XG1

4. There will be several VLANs configured on XG2

5. Users belonging to XG1 should not have access to the XG2 network (and vice versa)

Can anyone recommend a good resource for accomplishing this? 

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  • Hello ,

    Thank you for reaching to the community. I believe that can be achieved via VLAN on the ports.

    The following guide provides an info if switch is managed from the Sophos central, could…