Looking to possible switch from Untangle to Sophos

I'm looking to possibly switch to Sophos on a few clients, but want to test it at home a bit more before considering recommending it. I see that Home Premium doesn't really seem to fit the bill because of the limitations https://vlc.onl.

Looking at Intercept X I see it's by user. Does anyone know what they consider a user? Is each IP address a user? I.E. an Amazon Echo or Raspberry PI. Or do they consider a user to be actual people? I.E. Me and my Wife (2 users)

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  • Hey Rauf, oddly enough you are in our Sophos Switch (Hardware) section here, which is likely why you've been patiently waiting for a response on our endpoint and server protection solutions, and a replacement for Untangle. But no worries, well get you the answer you need and be sure to look at our Sophos Switch and Sophos Firewall solutions too, we protect it all! Slight smile

    Yes, you and your wife would be 2 users. And if you have a Server in your office, that would require a server license.

    So you would need:

    2 x Sophos Intercept X Advanced
    1 x Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server

    Check out the documents below:
    Licensing - Sophos Central Customer
    Licensing (sophos.com)

    Endpoint is licensed by user and can protect Windows, Mac and Linux

    Server is licensed by the instance and can protect Windows & Linux