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Sophos Central - Mobile - AD Sync - Apple DEP - IoS Device states Credentials Wrong or Missing

Facing the exact same issue as 's post mentions 3 years ago.

Wondering if this case has solved and what the solution is.

Original post:

Hello - Would anyone have any experience troubleshooting a brand new Iphone 8  out of box, via Apple DEP within the Mobile Portal - we push the profile,  we turn the device on just like we always do, select the language, country,  we get to Remote Management screen,  we enter the credentials (which have been tested 10 times on domain pc's and email / office 365 and they work) Says credentials are wrong or missing.?  Not sure what to do...We've forced Ad Sync to run multiple times.  We've reset the password for the ad account for this user, re-Synced Adconnect, re-synced Sophos AD connect...@ a loss.

Original ticket from Phreeze 3 years ago: Ticket #8560773
New ticket soon to be created if no solution is found

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows more or points in the right direction.

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