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Securing Zebra TC20 /TC25 hand scanners

We are investigating moving from Windows CE hand scanners in the warehouse to Android based Zebra TC20 and TC25 hand held scanners. The Zebra reseller advises SOTI for Mobile Device Management. I prefer a one solution environment as Sophos Central. 

What we want to do is lock down the device:

- user cannot change the configuration of the device.

- remote install apps, some are from the app store like Wavelink Velocity or Zebra Enterpise Browser but one is from our own Neptune for SAP development tool. 

- user can only access predefined apps and destinations and cannot change the configuration of the device.

- Administer the devices remotely

- Be able to connect to a device remotely as help desk.

- Allow the user to create print screens and send it to the help desk

These are things the reseller could do with SOTI. 

On the TC25 the user can also call and receive calls. 


I have enrolled one Android test device in Sophos Central Mobile but I fail to see how I can creat user profiles and lock profiles down.

Further more does it have a remote connection manager to administer the device? Create print sceens.

Pointers are appreciated.

Kind regards,

Fred Blum




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