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Email Security - Mailboxes dealing wit hmissed addresses

This is especially important with new client setups.

               Missing email for no reason when queuing the dropped email would be extremely simple. If we could click on the valid emails to create a mailbox

                and have them delivered to the new mailbox would solve the problem and register the account as a mailbox so SOPHOS gets their fee.

We need a report that lists the email addresses that SOPHOS did not send to our email server?

    1. I want to know what email addresses, that are not in the SOPHOS mailbox list, have email being sent to them.
  1. SOPHOS just throws them out and they might be important.
    1. I would like a list so that I can take action if required.
  1. With this information I can either add them to SOPHOS mailbox list or determine that it is indeed malicious.
    1. I think some people might have aliases that have not yet been entered into SOPHOS mailboxes list.
    2. I think some alerts or notification emails might be sent to an email address that is not yet been entered into SOPHOS mailboxes list.
    3. Or maybe send all non listed addresses a single email account. Then that account would have all email sent to the mailboxes, not listed in the SOPHOS Mailbox list. Once we know that we can add them to the SOPHOS Mailbox list.

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