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Self Service Portal - users not getting email to setup

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me please. I've got Sophos Email setup and working perfectly with M365 mailboxes but one thing I can't seem to get working is allowing users access to Self service portal. The setup email to the user never arrives (I've checked junk and quarantine). I've initiated an email to be sent to users to setup Self Service and I've even gone to the user account and clicked "Email Setup Link", ticked the "Send a welcome email for the Self Service Portal. Sophos Central Self Service Welcome/Setup Email"

Here's the settings I did, apologies the way I've written it, I was documenting it as a guide but stopped as it doesnt seem to be working

To enable the Sophos Email - Self Service Portal

1) Log into Sophos Central main dashboard, not a sub dashboard, e.g. Email.

2) Click Global Settings

3) Scroll down and on the right (at time of writing) is 

Sophos Central Self Service

User Access

Manage users' access to Sophos Central Self Service
Click "User Access" link
It will warn you that by enabling this, an email link will be sent to users, click OK.

4) Go into Email Security (left menu under "My Products")

5) In the Email dashboard, click "Settings" on the left menu

6) Then click "Self Service Settings", on the right menu at time of writing

7) Enable either or both Emergency Inbox / Allow/Block List

Any pointers would be really awesome


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