Thoughts on Sophos Web Gateway and Email Standard

The pricing for Sophos Central Web Gateway Advanced and Central Email Standard are really good, considering we can consolidate the volume across the different products (including AV, Encryption). It makes sense for me to move the products we are using to Sophos, cos of pricing and importantly all under a single glass of panel.

Right now I am using OpenDNS and Proofpoint for secure gateway and email filter, I want to know how do Sophos product compares against them in term of performance, and whether it is worthwhile for us to make the move.

  • Khatin, I would not sell Central Email Standard as that does not contain Time of Click URL protection or Advanced Malware (Intelix) services. There will be changes moving forward where we don't even offer Standard any longer because no customer should be without the above two defenses. Proofpoint is a well established enterprise grade product that depending on the size of your organization may be suitable but Central with our Synchronized Security and Central console can meet the needs of most customers at a much less expensive price point. I suggest you speak with our sales teams and complete a Proof of Concept to make sure that you have thoroughly compared your needs against what we offer today.