New Computers and Servers benefit\purpose?

As the new 'Computers and Servers' list appears to be going to replace the separate 'Computers' and 'Servers' individual lists can anybody explain the benefit this brings, regardless of any future improvements?

(As an aside, the obvious missing feature in this Beta is the fact there is no search option to find a specific device, which seems like a fundamental requirement and seems an odd feature to be missing even at this early stage, but someone has already raised this in a separate topic so I've upvoted that one).

The article on this beta says 'better handling very large accounts with tens of thousands of devices'.   In such an organisation how does putting endpoints and servers into a single location provide a benefit?   Doesn't this just create an even longer list of devices?    In such an organisation it seems likely that different teams (for example IT Support and Sys Admins) will be managing endpoints and servers respectively, so showing everything at once doesn't add any benefit.    I know there is a filter to split servers and workstations, but why make it harder for people to find what they want?

I can see how this may be useful for a service provider where, for example, they can get a list of all unhealthy devices in one place and send it off to the customer to resolve, but i'm struggling to see what benefit this change is going to bring otherwise.