Does the Server Protection (EAP) provide a security heartbeat to Sophos Central?

I am testing the Endpoint Protection and Server Protection EAP.

I have downloaded the server protection and deployed it on my home DNS server which is running on Ubuntu. It has installed successfully and is registered in Sophos Central in the Server section. 

The issue is that only the Ednpoint Protection what I have install on my windows machine is sending a security heartbeat which is showing up in the Sophos Firewall GUI.

Does the server protection not send heartbeat notifications to the firewall/Sophos Central? I have Configure Synchronized Security Heartbeat enabled in the firewall rule of the DNS server, both source and destination are set to a minimum GREEN heartbeat.

But, in the main page of Sophos Firewall webadmin, it is only showing as one device having a heartbeat connection, which I assume is my windows PC, which is using the Endpoint Security app to send heartbeats to Sophos Central.

Sophos Central is reporting all my devices are healthy and connected the Sophos Central.

But, is this normal that the Server protection software for Linux does not send security heartbeat status to the firewall's webadmin main page?

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