Random File Transfer Blocked Message on SOPHOS Endpoint


If anyone can help here with my query. We have some staff getting random "File Transfer blocked" notifications while they are using their computers. These files have been transferred long time ago but this windows keeps popping up from time to time (especially during logging in) asking if you want to allow or block the transfer.

No matter how many times we click on allow or block, it still pops up from time to time.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Thank you for reaching the community forum.

    May we know the Role of this device they are currently using? 

    Based on the screenshot shared, there's a DLP policy applied that triggers this notification. You may need to review the current DLP policy applied for those uses./devices.

    Also, based on your line here, "  These files have been transferred a long time ago"  can you also confirm if there's a running script that initiate a file transfer to those affected devices?

    You can validate the logs by following this article and check if the timings match on the devices. By doing this, we can validate if the event was an old one or a new one. 

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  • Hi GlennSen,

    Thank you for your reply. Let me confirm the info you requested and get to you.