We are excited to announce our latest integration into Connectwise Automate.  Allowing for robust features such as;

  • View and management of Sophos Central Endpoints and Alerts directly from within the Automate application.
  • Aggregated Dashboard view of issues across all managed customers.
  • New deployment model designed from the ground up with automation in mind. 

You can view the Features & Setup Instruction Here.

  • Hi folks, Sorry about the issues with questions.  We do now have a working forum for questions and feedback.

  • Great note.  Thank you. 

  • They definitely had a problem with seeing questions.  I had plenty as well, but I did get them answered through our Sophos team.   

  • I got my reply via email. Per-machine deployment override is there: You have to go into the Computer page, select a machine, click the Auto Deploy button, then toggle Exclude and set the options.

    Also, the install docs for the new plugin don't specify this, but if you have the previous SophCen "solution" in Automate currently, you only need to go into each Client/Location and de-select the Deploy checkbox to prevent the old solution and the new plugin from fighting with one another. You don't have to uninstall the previous "solution."

  • My primary concern I wanted to bring up in the webinar was: We have modfied the current/legacy plugin to allow putting the Sophos Client ID into the LOCATION -OR- the client - if it's at the location level, it overrides the one at the client. This allows us to separate billing/agreements specific to the location, instead of the overall client umbrella. Is this on the roadmap to specify the Sophos ClientID at the Location level? MSPs have multisite clients and often deal with them on individual site based contracts.