Support more common hardware

In the past, I have tried to install XG on many different small barebone PCs that are of current generation (e.g. relatively new hardware components). Unfortunately, even though the Linux Kernel used in XG seems to be somewhat new, it doesn't support most of the hardware that this kernel should support.

One example is the very popular Skylake processor architecture with it's chipsets. Those chipsets contain Ethernet ports, that most of the time are not detected by XG (prime example: the i219v). These ethernet ports are available everywhere you have a Skylake processor, yet XG can't use them. That's something I don't get. Support for these NICs (and other components) is in the Linux Kernel, so it shouldn't be a big deal for Sophos to enable them and hence make XG available to more potential users. 

So my request for v16 and going forward would be to up your game and drastically improve hardware support. Or just remove bare bones as an option all together, because people buy bare bones just to find out their particular hardware is not supported, even though it is of very common and widespread nature. There isn't even any documentation from Sophos what exactly is supported or not.