Unable to edit service -> service in use error

The firewall page allows you to edit the service directly from the firewall rule. You can edit the ports and also remove/add ports. However, when you click on save you get an error message stating 'Service cannot be updated. It is currently being used in Business Application Rule(s)'.

First of all, why can't you edit a service that's in use? Now you have to remove the service, add a dummy service, modify the original service and add the service again. This causes a long downtime for this specific rule being edited. It would be nice to have the ability to edit a service that's in use so you only have a very short moment of rule outage when it's being updated.

Second: if XG doesn't allow you to update an existing service, why are we given the opportunity to edit the rule service from the firewall page without any warning and only get the error that it can't be updated when clicking on save. Even the popup is titled 'Edit services'. If you can't update an existing rule service, it shouldn't be possible to edit the rule in the first place. All fields should be read-only and the dialog shouldn't be called 'Edit services'.


  • Hi Franc,

    which version are you using, some of what you are saying were bugs in beta 1?


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    Hi Ian,

    I’m running beta 2.


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    Hello Franc,

     I tried to edit the rule originally created from the template Email Servers(SMTP) and I have to confirm that it is not really possible add/change/remove ports in a Business Application Rule. As you describe, you can add another service/s and then delete the original service/s ( after you replace it with another service/s) but the original service/s can not be edited in any way.

    And I’m also running beta 2.

    Could someone else confirm what Franc found out, resp. that editing this type of firewall rules should not work this way? 

    I think it is clearly a bug.



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    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, it is a behavior. I will move forward this request to PM