BUG - Dashboard not longer working after upgrade to SFOS 18.0.0 EAP2 in Firefox

Good afternoon,
after upgrading from SFOS 18.0.0 EAP1-Refresh1 to SFOS 18.0.0 EAP2 the dashboard of the firewall ( XG software on Intel hardware ) via browser is not longer working in Firefox ( v.70.0.1 ).
The error message says :
Its working fine from Sophos Central via Firewall manager, even for Firefox
Edge is also working fine from the website and Central.


  • I have the same EAP version and FF version (MAC), but my UI is working fine.

    Clear FF cache and try again.

  • I have seen similar on v17 when accessing using a URL that was CNAME of what is configured on the firewall.

    Accessing direct to the DNS name configured on the device works fine.