Sophos XG210 SFOS 18.0.0 EAP1-Refresh1 - HA active/passive- reboot

Hi, yesterday I have update our Sophos to 18.0.0 EAP1-Refresh1. Everything is working properly.

Today, problems have begun. The master restarts by itself and sometimes the slave does not start.

in which log file I can find some more information ?

the firewall rebooted me during user configuration and by itself. the processor and memory are not saturated.

  • We have yet to apply the Refresh1 patch but also experience strange issues with HA, our Master will reset itself overnight and the Aux takes over as Master. Normally this would not be an issue but as we are transitioning our network we have one network that goes only to the Master, not the slave, when they switch in the middle of the night I get a call early in the morning from the people on that network as they can no longer connect. This has happened three nights in a row now, not sure why but each time it was after we did a reboot of the HA pair. It seems like they stay the way they should for a while and then swap. We are running HA in A-P mode. 

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    Thanks for the feedback.Let me send you PM for the more detailing.

    Rana Sharma

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    Thanks for feedback. Let me sending you PM for more detailing.


    Rana Sharma

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    Hi Rana, sorry but I migrate back to 17.5 MR9.... too many reboots ... it was impossible to work

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    Hi Sascha,


    From which firmware you have migrated to 17.5 MR9.

    Please check PM i am asking for live session now.



    Rana Sharma

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    Jumping in here as well.

    I had the same issue with an active/active setup. It was so unstable that I switched to active/passive.  Not having those issue anymore.

    Frustrating as I bought licenses for active / active.