[NC-51941] Netflix error


I recorded the V18 and everything went free.

When I started Netflix, it aborts after 24%, Prime Video works.

I have tested everything at Netflix but I always get aborts. I started 17.5.8 and Netflix runs without problems. Does anyone have an idea?

Does anyone know if dhcpv6-pd was implemented with v18?

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    this is a temporary solution from Rana.:

    SSL/TLS disable : Go to Protect -> Rules & Policies -> SSL/TLS Inspection Rules -> SSL/TLS Inspection Settings -> Advance Settings -> Select Disable -> Save

    I've already tested it to make it work.

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    Thanks  for share debug logs and try recommendation given in PM.Issue can be track in NC-51941

    Thanks for your support.


    Rana Sharma

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    Christos was Faster than me for the debug share. Do you need mine too ?



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    More information is always better.  Please share with Rana.

    What is useful:

    Specific action/symptom/device.  For example "Using the netflix website on windows 10 in chrome, everything works up until I stay playing the video.  The video does not even start playing, it sits a black screen showing 0%"

    Any special XG configuration you have in place.

    PCAP of the issue, on either the client or XG.  Try to limit to just the issue.  Close down other browsers, etc that might also be doing network traffic (less for us to ignore in the logs).



    It can be helpful to make sure that both the XG and client are NTP time sync'd, so we can correlate logs.

    Rana might have other requests.

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    Thank you, this worked for me too.


    Netflix and Youtube was pretty unusable, works with disabling just fine.

    With 17.5 all was fine.

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    I got some major problems with netflix. I know this may be fixed with NC-51941 but i just want to give you some hints for solving the problem:

    1. I'm using DPI mode.


    2. As you can see in my firewall rule "netfilx" my TV is allowed to access everything:

    3. In the webfilter logs i see many problems occuring:

    Reason="HTTP pipelined request encountered":

    Normally the TV should bypass any scanning. Why the webfiltering modul is still active and block the traffic?


    I hope this can help you with fixing the error. 

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    Your firewall rule screenshot doesn't show all the settings, in particular those under Security Features > Web filtering. Can you

    (a) confirm that it is set to Web Policy: None (the log entry saying web_policy_id="0" suggests this is the case, but please confirm)

    (b) show whether "Scan HTTP and decrypted HTTPS" is enabled.

    If 'Scan HTTP and decrypted HTTPS' is enabled, please try disabling it and see if it makes any difference.

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    a) Yes it's set to None.

    b) Scan HTTP and deycrpted HTTS is disabled.

    This rule worked for me in the previous XG versions. Only difference now is that i allow all destination networks, not only the Netflix fqdn hostgroup. Surprise