Central Access

After the weekend updates we can no longer see the firewall management from within the Central account. Alerts are coming through to Central but no way of connecting in to manage

  • Actually not certain if alerts are coming through or not now

  • Same here, just tried to register a XG and it fails, then I checked the Central and there is the complete "Firewall" part missing.
    The EAP is still running, so whats happening?

  • Hey everyone, the plan was to release new updates yesterday, and go to GA, but there was a last minute snag, delaying that just a little bit. Unfortunately, it seems that part of the release plan still went ahead, which cut off access to the eap for a number of you last night. This will be resolved shortly, and you should see new features arriving in Central, in the next couple hours. 

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I am looking forward to getting the update in your hands, very shortly!

  • In reply to AlanT:

    for the moment, if you're not able to access firewall management, you can open the java console in your browser, and use the following command to enable it:

    sc.setFlag("xgfirewall.management.enabled", true);


    That should re-enable the firewall management menu for you, until the update is completed later today. 

  • In reply to AlanT:

    Thank you, works :)

  • In reply to AlanT:

    For those that are not sure how to do that:  use Firefox for example, press Ctrl+Shift+K with Central open.  When the java console opens, paste the command from Alan above and hit enter. 

    Console updates and shows the FW Management in Central.