Firewall management is not loading


got an XG behind a router and tested the management, with the result that the Firewall-Management page in Central appears but than goes back to the overview of firewalls.
The page shows "our firewall management is currently loading. This can take a few seconds."

  • I had that issue but they are now loading.

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    Here it's still the same situation.
    Seems like it's not working for me...

  • Is encrypt communication slow due to the difference between actual region and cloud region?

  • Any news for this topic?

    ...about a week later. Is this a bug or a misconfiguration?

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    Seems to be a missing feature. XGs behind a firewall, accessing the internet via NAT, are'nt working.

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    Sorry for missing this earlier. Firewalls can sit behind another firewall and connect without issue. I have five or six firewalls running behind upstream nat firewalls, all connected to Central - but they do require ports 443 and 22 open for them, outbound. 

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    are you saying that we need to expose ports 443 and 22?

    what happens if we have already servers published using those ports?




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    António Soares
    are you saying that we need to expose ports 443 and 22?

    Absolutely not. No ports need to be exposed to the internet, for management to work. The firewall itself, must be able to make an outbound connection on those ports. 443 is not usually a problem, but if there is a firewall upstream from the XG, port 22 is sometimes blocked, and should be allowed for remote management to work. 

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    Hi Alan,


    thanks for the confirmation.

    I was trying to access our firewalls with no success.

    The firewalls were registered correctly but I wasn't able to connect to any of them.

    I've unregistered them for now.