XG Firewall

Getting Started

9 Videos + Guides

Registration and Setup Control Center and Nav
How to activate and register the XG Firewall and complete the setup wizard. How to utilize the Control Center and navigation menus to find what you need on the XG Firewall.
Licensing & Trials Firmware Update and Roll back
How to manage the licensing, and activate trials both on the Firewall and through your MySophos ID. How to update your XG Firewall firmware or roll-back to a previous firmware version if necessary.
Password and Device Access Backup and Restore
How to change the admin password and manage access to services. How to backup and restore an XG Firewall configuration.
Sandstorm Disable High Availability - HA
How to activate Sophos Sandstorm sandboxing and monitor the protection it provides. In this video we show how to disable High-Availability.
On-boarding a Firewall to CFM
Sophos Partners can on-board a customer firewall into Sophos Central Firewall Manager for centralized management.
Active-Passive HA Configuration Active-Active HA Configuration
PDF Guide on Active-Passive HA Configuration PDF Guide on Active-Active HA Configuration
Disable High Availability - HA
PDF Guide on Disabling High Availability