relay access to a website to a specific ip


I am using Sophos XG125w. I've applied web filter to the network to block some website. Is there any posibility to allow access to a specific IP address from the network to a specify website which was previously blocked with web filter?



  • Primaria,

    you have 2 ways:

    • create an above rule where you select that IP/User as source and destination WAN and apply a new webfiltering where there is an URL group used to allow a specific website
    • in the same firewall rule, in the same web profile, create an URL group and assign that URL group inside the Web Profile used by the firewall rule. If you pay attention, on web profile, you can add any as users or specific people and allow/deny url, categories, etc..


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    If I'll choose to use the first way. The new rule created where should it stay: on top or bottom ?


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    On top. Do not forget that firewall uses the concept of first match. Once the first rule is matched, no other rules are checked.


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    So, I've created a top rule with relay for 3 internal ip address which has access to a specific website. This 3 clients has access to that specific website but the problem is that they have also access to any other site which I've previosus blocked. What is wrong?

    On the other computers on the network everything works as it should work.

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    Primaria send me a PM and I will have a look at your issue.