Web Filtering blocks Xchange Email server connection

As soon I activate any kind of web filter it blocks my connection to an hosted Xchange service.

My main quastion is how to I find out what the problem is and where to find it.

  • DAENG,

    use live logs to investigate what is blocking your connection. You can also use drop-packet-capture from Console.


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    That helped alot thanks!


    Now i see that most of the standard webfilter groupd filter out totally non related stuff, which makes them unuasable.


    For example i cant connect to my provide because of the group "sports" and so on.

    How can i chnage this?

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    if the URLs are not correctly categorized, submit and url change on Sophos website. Also you can create an URL group inside the Web Menu and then allow the url group inside the web filtering you are using.


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    I did that.


    So I dissallowed Tabac and Alkhohol Group and right after that I generated my Own Web Policie with the User Activity Policie that contains the URL Wine_Searcher (just for testing) but its still blocked.

    Also should I place the allow group obouve the Tabaco and Alcohol dissalloewd rule or bellow?

    I tried both, no help.



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    I got it needs to be a URL group :)