WAF not allowing wildcard certificate for HTTPS firewall rule

I have several web servers on my network.

Until now I have provisioned a LetsEncrypt ssl cert for each sub domain:

  • subdomain1.mydomain.com
  • subdomain2.mydomain.com
  • ...

Now I have so many servers that its an extensive process to renew all of the certificates individually every two months.

I obtained a wildcard certificate *.mydomain.com and would like to use that, but when using that certificate in a Business Application Rule for my webservers, I get this message:

"The following domains in the HTTPS certificate "WILDCARD.mydomain.com" are invalid and have been removed: 1. *.mydomain.com"

Am I doing something wrong, or does XG not support wildcard certificates for my purpose?

  • So, it turns out that everything is fine.

    I did get the above error, however I suddently got the option to input a domain of my choice in the text box and is correctly verified with the wildcard domain.