Clientless Access VPN - BUG


I have an internal website that my external workers have been accessing via the portal (VPN > Clientless Access). As of yesterday my remote workers can't access pages correctly. I've restarted Sophos XG and the Server. I've noticed in the Log Viewer the following...

Log Comp: SSL VPN


Username: My Username

Message: Use "My Username" was allowed access of the HTTP resource http://images/logo.jpg

Is this correct? Does the IP address of the internal server need to be prefixed? Eg.

The portal website sometimes displays the page poorly or not at all and I can see the following source code...

The URL for this blank white page is  = https://myexternalip/userportal/CRSSL/http/ClientLogin.aspx

The source code for that page is...

"<!--#set var="TITLE" value="SSLVPN User Portal Error:"

--><!--#include virtual="include/top.html" -->

<!--#if expr="$REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES" -->
<!--#include virtual="include/spacer.html" -->
<!--#echo encoding="none" var="REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES" -->
<!--#endif -->"

Please can you help or throw any suggestions my way? Many thanks

EDIT: The first page kind of works. There's no neat formatting or styling. However I can see text. The URL displays the following...


When I click any link, a white page appears and the URL changes to https://externalip/userportal/CRSSL/pagename.aspx

It's not prefixing the URL and therefore nothing is displaying correctly. Please can others check this to see if it's just me :)

Many thanks