Change SSL VPN Port

Is it possible to change the SSL VPN Port for Remote Access??

... and for the User Portal, too?

  • Sad it's not fixed yet. My users run into an issue with being behind a 80/443 only portal a couple times a month and I can only say, "sorry, the NEW firewall doesn't support this the way the old one did - yet." Makes me look awesome for upgrading. Love it! *facepalm*

  • Just purchased two XG's thinking that it would be simple to create an SSL VPN tunnel from them to a Sophos UTM 9.3.

    Boy did I make a huge mistake -- very happy I purchased from dealer with good return policy.  

    Something this basic should NOT be this difficult -- especially between devices that are sold by same company!


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    Hi TheEther,


    this functionality will be delivered with SFOS 17.1. which is currently under testing.




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    Thanks for the good news. In a couple of months we will have it.

  • Hello to all, yesterday i try to upgrade my DR appliance from Cyberoam 10.6.6 MR-1 to SFOS HW-SFOS_16.05.9_MR-9.SF300-331. 

    Firstly after uploading the firmware got error that you need to change the SSL VPN port to 8433.

    That i have done it through setting tab and change port  for SSLVPN from 443 to 8443.

    After successfully uploading the firmware again, i rebooted the appliance.


    But since reboot appliance is inaccessible and i don't have any idea what to do now for resolution. Can anyone suggest do we need to reconfigure the LAN WAN interfaces through console?


    Looking forward to see your reply.




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    Hi Muhammad,

    I request you to raise this issue in a separate thread and PM me the link to the new one. I have sent you a PM to communicate futher. 


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    Any update on when this will land?


    We just recently switched to Sophos after using OpenVPN for years. Now my user cannot connect via VPN when they are traveling because the Sophos VPN cannot use TCP 443 and hardly anyone allow TCP 8443 outbound :(


    When this option become availible. Will all my users need to download a new certificate?





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    Hi Jacob,

    this functionality will be shipped with SF 17.1.

    You do not have to change certificates for your users as the port is not part of the certificate.

    Hope this answers is helpful.



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    Hi Holger,


    Thanks. Any word on release date?




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    Hi, 17.1 is currently in testing ... release date depends also on test results.




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    Hi SecuredNet,


    the feature you are requesting will be shipped with SF 17.1 which is currently under testing and will hopefully releases soon.




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    Seriously..... it took you 2 years and you still haven't release this feature yet.

    Sophos I remember you better than this

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    17.1 has been released and this feature is now there.

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    Alleluia !

    One question by the way, is it possible to have both user portal AND vpn ssl on 443 port ?

    It's possible to validate it through GUI, whitout error, but haven't been tested yet.