Change SSL VPN Port

Is it possible to change the SSL VPN Port for Remote Access??

... and for the User Portal, too?

  • Sad it's not fixed yet. My users run into an issue with being behind a 80/443 only portal a couple times a month and I can only say, "sorry, the NEW firewall doesn't support this the way the old one did - yet." Makes me look awesome for upgrading. Love it! *facepalm*

  • Just purchased two XG's thinking that it would be simple to create an SSL VPN tunnel from them to a Sophos UTM 9.3.

    Boy did I make a huge mistake -- very happy I purchased from dealer with good return policy.  

    Something this basic should NOT be this difficult -- especially between devices that are sold by same company!


  • In reply to TheEther:

    Hi TheEther,


    this functionality will be delivered with SFOS 17.1. which is currently under testing.




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    Thanks for the good news. In a couple of months we will have it.