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We are using the sophos XG SSL VPN in Split tunnel mode. We have users solely working from home and they have home drives which are set up with offline files. For some reason some users are getting issues accessing their home drives in active directory. The drives are offline unless we change the path of the drive to the fully qualified domain name of the servers. 

It has been getting worse and not sure if we need to turn off the split tunnel as I ve noticed some users are coming from the public IP in the event viewer logs.

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    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    Have you noticed any traffic being dropped on the firewall when affected users try to access the home drives? Or any errors on the user's workstation?

    It depends on your requirement, split tunnel will only route traffic to the permitted network, but in the full tunnel, all the traffic will be routed to the firewall. XG firewall will be the gateway for remote SSL VPN users in full tunnel mode. 


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    Theres no evidence of dropouts on machines some users do get disconnected. And all networks we need to route to are in the permitted networks.