Replacement Firewall, new VPN installs do not connect

Hi all,

Sophos sent us a replacement XG 310. I registered the device to a distribution group rather than the single user the old firewall was registered to. 

I have noticed that, since doing that, new SSL VPN installs do not connect. Any thoughts?

  • In reply to H_Patel:

    Will registering the XG with the original email address fix my issue? Currently, new VPN installs do not connect but old installations continue to function.

    I could re-generate the appliance cert, but I think I would break the currently-installed client and the client would need to be re-installed for all VPN users.

  • In reply to tripleview:

    Hi tripleview,

    I would suggest you to provide new and old user certificate detail. Please PM me the users certificate details. 

    I think your issue can be resolved by simply re-generating the default certificate of the firewall, and all the old users needs new configuration after you re-generate the default certificate. 

    Second option is re-register the firewall with the email address that was used in configuration.