List IPsec connections that are down/partially down



I'm trying to build a surveilance for our IPsec connections and start them if they're down. I'm using the command "ipsec statusall" and as I've understood this command list all IPsec connections that are UP or partially up ONLY. 

The problem is that I can't interpret whether any of the connections are partially down or not. They are all showing as if they're up even if they're partially down. Is there any way to specifically show if a connection is up or not? 

Would it be easier if I used the API instead? 

Also, since networking isn't my strong side i would like to know if using a "Failover Group" would help in a situation where a connection is partially down; or would a connection have to be completely down in order to perform a failover. Would this trigger the whole firewall to failover or just the IPsec connection? 


Thankful for any help!