How to configure the new Sophos Connect VPN in 17.5

So far I have found the documentation lacking for setting up the new VPN client that comes with 17.5. Specifically in regards to the internal and external ID and what thats for.  I am also wondering with the IP range? Does it create the DCHP pool automatically? 

It would be great if there was a walkthrough on setup or if there were any more details. But I can't find any.

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    Have added DC as DNS IP, I can ping the DC on IP, but not resolve domains. have any of you, got internal DNS working?

  • I configured Sophos Connect on my XG, downloaded client and installed.  I can't even make a connection.  I see "Connection may fail because IKE UDP Port seems to be blocked".    It does seem like my XG has ports 500 and 4500 closed.  I have no firewall rule configured for Sophos Connect - didn't think one was needed but perhaps that's another documentation shortfall.  Any advice will be appreciated.


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    I'm also having the same issue with IKE UDP port being blocked. What's the best solution to this? Opening up those two ports?

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    is there a upstream router on the wan interface? use the admin tool and load the configuration. please verify the FQDN or IP-Adress of the host.


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    This will require some troubleshooting to determine where along the path to the gateway (XG) UDP port 500 is blocked. scvpn.log file will provide some additional details. The log file can be found in c:\program files (x86)\sophos\connect on Windows and /var/log on Mac OS. Please post that file here so it can help me to determine the problem.

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    I ended up abandoning Sophos Connect and instead setup the SSL VPN and client.  That went quite well and was up and running in little time.  Still not sure what was causing grief with UDP 500 & 4500.  Thanks for the responses.