VPN remote access from LAN TO remote user

Hey everybody,

I have a strange request from a client and was wondering if it's possible and how

Let's say we have a network behing a XG. And another XG on a remote site( via Site2Site SSLVPN. Both are communicating properly.

So now, I connect from a third network from my laptop via SSLVPN to the network. I can see both networks(

Now question. Can either the or see me? And how?

It seems it cannot ping the vpn pool of remote users. Ideally I want to print to a printer the remote user has.

Second question. Can my laptop as a remote vpn device get a static ip? I cannot find this setting anywhere. I can only assing a VPN pool on VPN settings, but not a static vpn ip on a specific computer

RED is out of the question. I know this is the best solution that works out of the box, but the client doesn't want reds for 3 remote users on 3 different sites. Don't ask me why