Hi friends!
We are new in this community. We have just installed a Sophos XG SFOS 17.0.6 MR6 as the company's main Firewall. We have already configured a SSL VPN connection and we need a static IP to be assigned to the same VPN client. I have been reading other posts in this forum, and I have come to the conclusion that the only way to send a fixed IP to the client is with SNAT / DNAT rules and using a virtual IP. community.sophos.com/.../115930 sophserv.sophos.com/.../SSL_VPN_Static_IP_addresses.pdf The problem is that we are not able to implement this configuration in a Sophos XG SFOS 17.0.6 MR6 Firewall. Could someone light the way to do it?
Has anyone got this configuration with this FW version?

Thank you very much.
Have a good day.