V17 hanging a lot and it's not stable, all my issues fix after return to V16

i have 3 Device XG 125 and yesterday morning i have updated 3 devices to V17 and after 3 hours, a lot of issues happened like the following :


1- VPN site to site not connection, from the log it say failed ( no more details in log )

2- suddenly when i try to logon to sophos main page , after enter the username and password, it will not login, even no message password is wrong or any message, it just stuck ( fix by hard restart, then it appear 2 time more then fix by hard restart)

3- it's not responding to SSH, mean i enter username and password and i choose to restart or shutdown but, nothing happened 

4- after restarting then login to firmware page to check the current version, it will stuck and nothing appear



all of this issues appear in all of my XG ( 3 devices in 3 different location ), and all working back normally after back again to firmware 16, so is 17 tested or not ? i'm always doing update for the new firmware and no issue at all, this the 1st time, and this effect my organization for 2 hours, 


and can any one advice me the following :

1- is there any support hotline of sophos in UAE?

2- what is benefit of having Enhanced Support, and what different between it and Enhanced plus Support ?

3- what is the backup solution you can advice if one device (hardware or software failed ) ?


  • In reply to KhaledMaged:

    In my case, I had Cisco routers RV325 (with latest firmware) between XG firewalls and ISPs (Internet Service Provider).  Our other firewalls did not have any problems with these routers (Checkpoint, PFSense, ET.c.) but XG could not work with it.  In my laboratory, XG to Cisco to Cisco to XG would work.  But at the moment I would connect Cisco Routers to the ISP, VPNs would fall every ten minutes.  What is puzzling is that both XG AND PFSense uses Strongswane Open Source VPN.

    Maybe you will have to change your routers ...

    Paul Jr