XG QoS Settings

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Has anyone use the XG traffic shapping polcies in conjuction with Cisco QoS for WAN/VPN shaping? I'm finding the way the priority numbering is set out in the XG to be completely upside down to Cisco/Juniper QoS.

Is there any blog entries that I could read to get a better handle on how to work with XG QoS from a Cisco environment?

Is the UTM documentation on QoS the same way the XG handles it?


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Peter Tiggerdine

  • Hi,

    Set the bandwidth priority. Priority can be set from 0 (highest) to 7 (lowest) depending on the traffic required to be shaped. By default, priority is given to the real time traffic.

    If Optimize for Real-Time (VoIP), under System > System Services > Traffic Shaping Settings page is disabled then priority will be applicable only for excess bandwidth i.e. bandwidth remaining after guaranteed bandwidth allocation.

    If Optimize for Real-Time (VoIP), under System > System Services > Traffic Shaping Settings page is enabled then Real-time traffic (Traffic Shaping policy with priority 0) like VOIP will be given precedence over all other traffic.

    As priority is given to the real time traffic, it is possible that some non-real-time traffic will not get their minimum guaranteed bandwidth. Specifically, if the sum of Limit(max allowed) of all Traffic Shaping policies (real-time and non real-time) is greater than total max-limit then guaranteed bandwidth of the real-time policies will be fulfilled but non-real-time might not get the minimum guaranteed bandwidth.


  • In reply to sachingurung:

    We recently implemented Vonage VOIP and having issues with dropped calls or incoming calls going straight to voicemail as they are unable to connect to the phone. We do not have  VOIP Guarantee rule enabled in our XG 210. Should this be enabled?

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    Hi Jason,

    This could be an issue caused due to IPS, disable IPS service from System Services \ Services \ IPS. There could be other reasons for drops which we can further investigate on a new question thread. Coming back to your question, yes, you must always have a Guaranteed TS policy for VoIP. 


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    Our XG-210 does not have an IPS service listed under services.

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    I apologize. I found the IPS service. Where do I set the Guaranteed TS policy for VOIP and do you have an example of configuration?

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    Hi Jason , 

    You may need to create a rule for your VOIP, it may be a destination based rule or service based rule. Create a QoS policy for the bandwidth allocation needed or required and set the priority to 0 i.e. real-time.