XG 550 FullGuard Plus - Capability

Afternoon All,

My company just recently purchased XG 550 FullGuard Plus Firewall with the promise that it's functionality was able to cater for our requirements.

We currently have 2 links primary AND secondary. 

Primary WAN link connects to a ISP and the secondary WAN Link connects to a gov't proxy ISP. (Secondary link is also utilized as traffic Load Balancing via Proxy.)

Both LINKS are always active.

QUES.. Can the XG 550 be capable of operating as a firewall and as a Proxy Server, simultaneously?.. 

  • Hi  

    The XG device performance measured based on throughput, you can check the Technical Datasheet and you will get different throughput details for different modules available in XG, It can act as a Firewall and Proxy.

    Proxy configuration - https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/123522

  • Hi Anthony,

    Yes, it can. Ihe XG software comes with http proxy, mail proxy, IPS, IDS, dual antivirus, and a new feature SSL/TLS scanning.

    I would suggest you talk to your reseller/partner about getting access to the training and some professional support time.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Thanks for replying.

    We were informed that the XG 550 can act as a proxy server, however it can ONLY be applicable for ALL WAN connections.

    Our network configuration requires 1 WAN Proxy only the other WAN connection is not filtered.

  • In reply to Anthony Tally:

    Hi Anthony,

    not true, you can setup a firewall rule to use proxy and point at WAN 1 and a firewall rule (no proxy) to point at WAN 2.

    I assume you have  large user base and complex applications having purchased a XG550, so I definitely recommend you get some paid support hours.