AD User group membership not updating

Just working on a test XG box before going live.

We are a large org and group memberships change quite often.  People are a member of many groups for web access

Here is an example I cant get working - but works fine on UTM's.


USER1 is in "Finance Team" group by default this policy blocks all streaming video, but some users need YouTube and Vimeo and they are in an AD group called "Allow YouTube" or "Allow Vimeo" but this is still been blocked after adding this in web policy above the block - this is using the URL's.

The group is added fine but shows no members.  Doing a sync test on AD works fine, its just not updating the group members on its own.

When looking in "Users" they are there but with just there primary group, and not all the other web groups they are a member of. 

Any ideas ?