PDF files fail to download in User Portal

Hi all

I've got the XG firewall setup and the User Portal is up and running on port 443.  Accessing the portal from inside and outside of the network, I have the same problem.

I have a clientless access connection setup to browse a file share on a server.  I'm able to browse files and can download most file types successfully, however when I try to download a PDF file, I get the following message displayed in the browser:

{"result":{"success":"false","file":"[FILE NAME HERE]","log":"regex"}}

Anyone getting the same issue or know of a solution?


  • Could you quickly share the configuration? I guess SMB Share? 

    Can you reproduce it with every PDF? 

    What about a file, which is simply renamed to .pdf? 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Thanks for the quick response Toni.


    I like your thinking on renaming another file type to .pdf!  This worked, and got me looking at what could be different.  It turns out it's the length of the filename that was causing the issue.  The file share contains PDFs from the office scanner which all have a certain file naming structure, created by the scanner.  The file names are generally 45 characters long.  Renaming them to shorter names allows them to be downloaded.

    I just renamed an XLS file to over 45 characters long and it still downloaded, so it appears it's just something about PDFs with long file names that's a problem.

    Anyway, issue resolved, I'll be setting the scanner to create shorter file names this afternoon!