New XG Hardware restore from backup

With the release of v18 SFOS, models XG85 + XG105 will not be able to take the upgrade because they do not have enough memory and therefore need to be replaced with XG86 or XG106

Question is, from the backup or an XG85 or XG105, can one simply restore to an XG86 or XG 106 and no further configuration required, all will be good? Or for example, will certificates need re-installing on new device? Anything else?

Also, could one restore to an XG115, when the exisiting model is an XG105?

Many thanks

  • Where did you read that v18 will not be compatible with XG85 or XG105?

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    that was published sometime ago and that was why the XG86 and XG106 came into being.


  • No answer yet to the question about restoring to different hardware, albeit replacement model?

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    I guess, those "specific" information will be provided after V18 Beta is published. 

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    Well it sucks lol, I bought an XG 85 about 6 months ago, really there should be a way Sophos could have you upgrade the hardware.  Or something........

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    I was meaning v17.5 MR7 config restore to new XG106 from an XG105 v17.5 MR7

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    Hi Paul,

    that should work providing you have the same number of ports. The only issue might be port numbering order.


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    Not only from 17.5.7 to 17.5.7, but you also have to match "Pattern Updates".  Particularly AP Firmware.

    As far as I am concerned, restoring a backup from a different platform has been a failure 90% of the time.  It is a very risky business.

    You need to do a backup on a daily schedule.

    Oups.  I forgot.

    Backup to email started to fail since around v17.5.3.  Sweet.  When we installed v17.5.7, it started to work again, but after few hours, than few days, all firewalls failed except one.

    Paul jr