Open ports for Deluge Docker on XG firewall

Hi.  I'm using a NAS with Docker enabled.  Deluge is one of the docker containers I'd like to open up ports, to be able to download, and to seed.  How do I open ports?  I believe I should create a business rule.  I'll attach my screen right now, as I understand different versions show different points to enter.

  • Follow this KBA.

    You need a DNAT (Destination NAT). 

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    Hi.  I'm using torrent client deluge in a docker container.  I access this container via nas ip:8XXX.  I'd like to be able to seed.  What should be the port numbers on the service that I'll be creating?  in Destination & service section under Services- From (Source)1:65535 to (Destination)12345:12390?  I have under deluge Incoming ports and outgoing ports both 12345:12390.  In Forward to section, what should be the numbers to the Mapped port?  I guess this should be 8XXX to direct connections to the deluge docker container?