Backup error

i have read all the guides about setting up backup, configured and test email but i cannot start any type of backup ( i do not have an ftp server so it is not a destination). when i click backup now i get error on local and email;

backup could not be send due to incorrect sever configuration.


Fresh installation!

  • Did you register the appliance? 

    Can you explain the current state of this installation? Is it a trial? 

    Do you have a Serialnumber? 

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    this is 5th time install, i chose the last option when you log in. don't remember what it is but not a trial. allows me to use it with out entering number or re registering. what backup only works when registered? I never license new installs until thy are configured properly and working as after 5 installs it becomes a pain. this is normal in IT world, no?

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    The last Point is "Hey i do not want to register this Appliance Yet". 

    So basically at this point, the appliance has no Serial Number. Without a Serial number you cannot create certificates. Without Certificates, you cannot create backups.

    And at this point, the appliance should ask you every time for a registration. 


    What are you trying to archive with this plan? I do not understand the relation of the firth installation? 

    Are we talking about software or hardware setups? 


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    correct just like Windows  no activation until your sure it is a keeper. I activated first install then has issues wiped it and started over. and over ,  and over. so activation will solve backup failure?

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    But you cannot compare a Serialnumber working Product with a "Activation" working product. 

    There are many thing, which needs a Activation. And for this process, the Appliance can generate a 30 Day Trial. 

    (PS: Sophos XG Home should be registered immediately) 

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    i see so the product is not fully functional when not activated. also i forgot there is appliance and software. we are talking about a virtual machine here not appliance


  • In reply to Daniel Twinn:

    So you were correct installing license code solved backup issue.